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Seán P. Fay, CEM, CHEP is a senior resilience professional with over 30 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams in a wide variety of missions and environments. He develops capable and cohesive teams committed to the success of the overall organization. Together with passionate stakeholders, he employ extensive leadership experience to create resilient communities, reduce vulnerabilities, and prepare organizations to successfully face disruptions in an inter-operative manner. 


Seán has served as the Senior Subject Matter Expert in the fields of emergency management, business continuity, and risk reduction for federal contractors in support of national initiatives by the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services. He is frequently sought for his experience in dealing with refugee populations and vulnerable population transport. 


He was formerly the statewide Director of Operations and Emergency Services for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Prior to that, he served the University of Miami as their Emergency Management Coordinator for Training and Exercises.

Seán retired as a Medical Service Corps officer after a 23-year career in the US Army, where he was both Special Forces and Ranger qualified. A veteran of multiple deployments, he commanded military hospital units in combat. As an Operations Officer, he spent much of his professional career either responding to, or training others to respond to, disasters around the world. He is a FEMA practitioner and DHS instructor in a variety of topics, to include: active shooter response, incident command and management, critical infrastructure protection, business continuity, and community preparedness.


Seán holds a Master’s degree in “Healthcare Emergency Management” from Boston University School of Medicine and a second Master’s degree in “Natural Hazards & Catastrophes” from the University of Miami. A lifelong learner, he is currently working on a Doctor of Science degree in Emergency Management, with a strong concentration in public policy.


He is a Certified Emergency Manager, a Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional, a Kentucky Firefighter, a Nuclear HAZMAT Technician, and an Emergency Operations Center Manager. Additionally, he is a Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism trainer and a qualified instructor in both Civilian and Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response modalities.


Seán has served in a variety of incidents and planned events, including serving as an Emergency Management advisor in Houston, TX during the initial phase of the response to Hurricane Harvey, the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado outbreak, half a dozen hurricanes, the Burning Man Festival, and the 2016 Republican debates.


He was honored by induction into the Order of the Sword & Shield, the nation’s first Homeland Security Honor Society.

“Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume that it is beyond the powers of man; but if anything is within the powers and province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

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