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Extended Reality (XR)/Virtual Reality (VR) Services

Faith-Based Capture

Drill Rig Floor

AirMed Safety

Snow Truck with Broom

Faith Based Shooter

Healthcare Capture

Corporate Risk Assessment

Machinery Deck (OffShore)

School Shooter

Until Death Do Us Part Training

Athletics Facilities

Emergency Management Vehicle

Oshkosh Airport Fire Suppression Vehicle

Active Shooter Capture

Alternative Light Source Crime Scene

Accommodations Unit

Heavy Rescue Vehicle

Educational Facility

Scene Light Crime Scene

"Who's To Blame?" Crime Scene Investigation

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Johnstone & Lloyd maintains it position at the forefront of innovation by embracing Virtual Reality (VR) captures as a powerful tool to serve both our clientele and their internal teams. We are proud to announce that we have become a Certified VirtuSafe Partner and now offer a full team of virtual reality capture technicians and consultants.

Here's how VR is revolutionizing our approach across the board:


1. Enhanced Engagement and Communication: VR captures allow clients to virtually step into complex data sets, project plans, or even proposed designs. Imagine a retail client experiencing a 3D walkthrough of a future store layout, complete with product placement and customer flow simulations. This immersive experience fosters deeper engagement, improves communication, and allows for earlier course correction if needed.


2. Improved Decision Making for All: VR provides a unique opportunity to visualize complex scenarios and potential outcomes. Clients can explore different options in a risk-free environment, gaining a richer understanding of potential impacts before committing resources. This can be invaluable for strategic planning, product development, or evaluating investment opportunities. Similarly, VR training simulations can empower employees and responders to practice critical decision-making in a safe, virtual environment.


3. Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings: VR captures can streamline processes and reduce costs in various ways. Imagine a construction project where stakeholders can virtually collaborate on a 3D model of the building, identifying and resolving potential issues before they arise on the physical site. This saves valuable time and resources, leading to faster project completion and reduced costs. Additionally, VR training modules can be easily replicated and deployed across different locations, overcoming geographical limitations and reducing overall training time and costs.


4. Competitive Advantage and Future-Proofing: By incorporating VR technology, the consulting firm positions itself at the cutting edge of the industry. This demonstrates a commitment to innovation and can attract new clients seeking a forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. Additionally, VR experiences can be easily shared remotely, making collaboration with geographically dispersed clients seamless. Furthermore, VR represents the future of data visualization and communication. 

5. Building Confidence and a More Prepared Workforce: VR captures offer a multitude of benefits for employee and responder onboarding. Imagine new recruits undergoing safety training in a virtual environment that replicates a hazardous worksite. VR can create realistic scenarios where employees can practice procedures, identify risks, and make decisions in a safe, controlled setting. This immersive approach fosters deeper learning and knowledge retention compared to traditional classroom methods. Similarly, emergency responders can benefit tremendously from VR training simulations that recreate real-world emergencies. By familiarizing them with potential scenarios beforehand, VR can significantly decrease the risk of errors during actual emergencies or complex tasks, building confidence and reducing risk across the workforce.


By embracing this technology now, our firm ensures its services remain relevant and valuable in the ever-evolving business landscape. This proactive approach positions us as your trusted advisor equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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